Genuine Chinese Roadway Light Supplier and Flood Lamp Manufacturer

Innovative Electrode Less Lamp By HLG Tech

Huo Long Guo Environmental Technology Co. Ltd. (HLG) is a Chinese electrode less lamp and flood lamp manufacturers and suppliers from China. HLG Tech specializes in manufacturing state of the art electrode less lamps and flood lamps in wide specifications. We are also recognized as a professional roadway light supplier and have a wide range of stock in explosion proof lights, street lamp series, ceiling lamp series, flood lamp series, spotlights series, high bay series, and tunnel lamp series.

HLG : Energy Efficient Lights

HLG manufactures high energy efficient flood lamps, electrode less lamps and roadway lights that illuminate the beautiful world around us. We have the entire light and lamps product line which are specially designed and manufactured to provide enriching light and to make our surrounding environment visible and brighter. HLG core competencies are designing and manufacturing efficient lighting systems. Huo Long Guo is a flood light manufacturer which is also a roadway light supplier that offers wide range of highly innovative lighting and lamp products:

  • Street Lamps
  • Roadway Light
  • Ceiling Lamps
  • Flood Lamps
  • Spotlights
  • High Bay Lamps
  • Tunnel Lamps
  • Induction Lamp
  • Eye-protection Lamp

HLG customers admire our lighting product line of Induction lights immensely and we are proud electrode less lamp - flood lamp manufacturer and roadway light supplier from China.

Modern Electrode-Less Lamp & Flood Lamp Technology

HLG has been known as a dedicated Induction Lights manufacturer who has been using modern technology for manufacturing advanced electrode less lamps like flood lamp and roadway light system to provide brighter and enriching light around our living environment. Our modern lights and lamps have been widely employed in beautifying cities and towns around the world with the inspiring surrounding. These advanced lamps are serving their best in creating an inspiring look and moreover to make our highways and roadways brighter and clearer that allows people to travel easily. HLG environmental division has been successful in manufacturing and supplying top quality and modern lights and lamps to provide enriching light to our domestic and global customers..

What HLG Has to Offer?