Quick Comparison: LED Lights vs Induction Lights

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May 23, 2017
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People tend to confuse LEDs with induction lights due to the similar specification that they carry. To some extent, it’s true that both induction lights and LEDs offer impressive energy savings, years of service and instant light strike with dimmable options. But, they have different applications for a reason.

Gone are the days when fluorescent or HID lights were used as lighting fixtures in industrial and manufacturing facilities, roadways, airplane hangars, and in huge parking areas. Innovative lighting companies like HLGE Tech introduced amazing induction lighting technology that smartly replaced the conventional lighting options due its cost effectiveness and other unique properties. LED lights deliver spiked spectral output due to RGB (Red, green, blue) color mixing whereas induction lights are known for a smooth and high-quality spectral output which are client’s demand for CCTV lighting applications.

LED technology is often associated with temperature sensitivity, and this can result in many problems if the heat doesn’t dissipate effectively from the LED. On the other side, HLGETech induction lighting technology is proved to be very stable since the 90s in terms of heat sensitivity. LED lights are known to produce very directional light which means achieving good uniformity is quite challenging. Comparatively, induction lamps generate diffused light which gives the ease to control output. The best part is that many flood lamp manufacturer and roadway light supplier offer induction lamps and lighting solutions in a wide variety which helps in their application in even a wider range of areas.

While comparing LED vs. Induction Lighting, induction lights feature zero flickers, consume relatively less heat and prevents glare, and the cost effectiveness makes it worth considering for a wide range of applications. LEDS are also a source of energy which is efficient and cost effective but the specific advantages that induction lighting offer in particular situation are worth paying attention.

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