Explosion-proof Lamp Series EX011
February 23, 2017
April 2, 2019
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Explosion-proof Lamp Series EX012

> Application:
■ Explosive atmospheres area one and area two;
■ IIA,IIB groups gas explosive atmosphere;
■ T4 set temperature classes atmosphere;
■ High level of protection and humidity place.


> Features:
■ Aluminum alloy die casting fixture,surface classic spray plastic;
■ Compression resistance and explosion-proof housing structure;
■ With resistance to high energy impact PC cover;
■ IP65 protection;
■ Fixture fasteners adopt high corrosion resistance of stainless steel material;
■ High purty aluminum anodized reflector,good optical properties
■ Integration structural design with the ballast and bulb,easy installation and future maintenance;
■ Cable or pipe wiring G3/4.


> Technical Data:

> Technical Data:

■ Carried out standards of GB3836.1 and GB3836.3,Electrical Apparatus for explossive gas atmosphere(equals to IEC60079
and EN series standards) GB12476.1 Electric apparatus used in flammablr dust(equsls to IEC61241 and EN series standars);
■ Explosin-proof mark:Exd II BT4Gb;
■ Rated working voltage:220v 50Hz;
■ Suit light source:HX80W,HX100W and HX120W;
■ Protection rated:IP65;
■ Corrosion-proof grade:WF2;
■ Inrake:G3/4″ or ?44mm;
■ Outside diameter of cable:?9-?12.5mm.

> Installation Diagram: