High Bay Series GDD207
February 22, 2017
Flood Lamp Series TGS068/TGS068PC
February 23, 2017
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Flood Lamp Series TGS066/TGS066PC

> Light distribution curve:

> Features:

■ According to different power matching corresponding reflector,
its light distribution is reasonable and efficiency;
■ With adjustable angle for upward and downward installation;
■ Install tube directly without bracket;
■ Form a complete set of electronic ballasts,high power factor;
■ Built-in electronic ballast,excellent heat dissipation efficiency;
■ IP66 protection grade;
■ High power factor,no flicker,no glare,high color rendering.

>Materials and Technique:                   
■ ADC 12 die-casting aluminum electrical box;
■ Lamp body is used the high quality dark grey corrosion spraying process;
■ Vacuum coating reflector with high temperature resistance(TGS066 Series);
■ Nano coating reflector(TGS068 Series);
■ Ultra white tempered glass illuminating surface(TGS066/068 TPC Series);
■ The curved polycarbonate(PC)illuminating surface(TGS066/068PC Series);
■ Silicone sealing ring;
■ 6063 extrusion aluminum hasp(TGS066/068 Series)
■ 304 stainless steel screw locking structure(TGS066PC/068PC Series)

> Technical Data:

> Lamp Size:(Unit:mm)