Street Lamp Series DLDL008
February 23, 2017
Street Lamp Series DLDL013
February 23, 2017
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Street Lamp Series DLDL012

> Features:

■ Its simple design perfectly matching with the urban beautification;
■ Its design is according to the light distribution of low frequency induction lamp;
■ Ballast box is separated from light source house with efficient heat dissipation;
■ Form completed set ballast with high power factor;
■ No flickering,no glare,with high colour rendering;
■ IP65


> Materials and Technique:
■ ADC 12 die-casting aluminum lamp shape;
■ The surface of the lampshade adopts with outdoor electrostatic painting processing;
■ A spinning technique forming reflector with vacuum aluminium plating process;
■ An arc tempered glass cover;
■ Rubber sealing ring.

> Technical Date: